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Have you ever said "I just can't forgive myself"?

When we ask for forgiveness - confessing our sins, HE is faithful and just to forgive us - to cleanse us of all unrighteousness. (1 John 1:9).

Jesus provided the payment to cancel our debts. His cross became the place to appropriate the sin when it is separated from the sinner - like a closet, where sin worn like a garment is shed and placed in that closet out of sight, not to be remembered again. Just like a debt is no longer posted to your account when it is paid - the sin is no longer associated with you. You have been justified by faith (Romans 5:1-2), your ledger stamped - PAID IN FULL - purged from your records!

Why then are there some things that are forgiven - paid in full at the cross and to be remembered no more (because God is the one who pronounced the debt PAID) - but
you yourself can't forget or "forgive yourself"?

Wouldn't you rejoice if someone came and paid off all of your debts! Let's think about that - if someone came and wrote you a check for everything you owed and handed it to you, all you would have to do is to apply it to the debt. You could pay off your debt all at once and be free - or you could apply the funds to only a portion of the debt and continue to pay the installments , continuing to acknowledge the indebtedness.

If that is the payment option you choose, you may feel initial relief that the payment is covered, but you are still accruing interest ( or condemnation, and we know who that is from!), and perhaps continuing to walk in the ways that bound you with the debt in the first place. Although provision has been made to completely erase the debt, you continue to make payments and acknowledge the debt because you can still access the account. The penalties and interest continue to grow.

But HIS grace is sufficient! If we use the funds to erase the debt and become fully released and free, then we must turn away from the behaviors, thought processes or patterns that got us there in the first place.

Total freedom comes when we repent. To
repent means to "change one's mind"
Strongs G3340 - use study tools to dig deeper!), and understand the need to turn away from the old way of doing things. Once that revelation comes, the heart is prepared to receive the forgiveness - the "relief from payment of the debt".

Not only is the debt paid in full but no interest can accrue!

When the enemy comes in to accuse and remind you of things past, you can confidently say - that account has been closed!