No one can be saved by good works, however those who have received the gift of salvation are compelled by their love to do good works as evidence of their relationship with God - and God is glorified.
Love compels every Christian to live for Christ and not for himself. This love is demonstrated by obedience to God's Word and daily yielding to the Holy Spirit. Through these actions believers mature and become conformed to the image of Christ.

1) Works motivated by God's love in us and activated by His love flowing through us.
2) The desire to let others know how much God values them by letting the light of His love shine through us.
Our mission is
share personal testimony and teach the truths that brought us to restoration,
encourage those who are discouraged about where their life is now, and to get them started on the road to where they want to be,
build a prayer network that connects hearts through relationship with God and one another,
minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of hurting people,
love and honor every individual as God values them and not as man sees them,
to make
believers out of unbelievers through demonstration of God's love.

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Heart Healthy
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We believe........
God is to be glorified in how we live our lives,
that people are
defined by who God created them to be and not by man and circumstances,
integrity in a relationship with God and in relationships with people is essential to a peaceful and fulfilling life,
love never fails,
that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today's church and are to be demonstrated.

Doctrinal Statement
The ultimate heart work was completed on the cross - as HIS love poured out for us.

Heartworkx Ministries was birthed out of a passion to do HIS heart's work - our works motivated and activated by HIS love in us and through us - shining brightly to win souls and be unified for HIS purposes - for such a time as this.

Matthew 5:16 tells us to let our light so shine before men, that they may see our good works. and glorify our Father in heaven.

Our prayer is that you will be encouraged and stirred through HEARTWORKX' website as well.........