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Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God's thoughts - His plans - for us are good, for a hope and a future. We were created with a plan and a purpose for our lives. There were gifts and talents programmed within us, outfitting us with everything we need to fulfill our destiny. Just as we developed in our mother's womb; just as we developed through infancy, through toddlerhood, through childhood - and as we mature throughout our lifetime - our gifts and talents develop, and as they mature, produce vision - out of the desires of our heart.

Our vision steers our plans and runs parallel to purpose - guiding our development. It is our nature as humans to move towards what is uppermost in our minds. We may see an object (in the natural) and desire to hold it. We have to move toward the object to reach it. Once we have it in our hands, we can do something with it.

There is an enemy who has a plan for us too, a plan that is not to prosper us for the advancement of God's Kingdom , and not to give us hope or a future with God. Therefore, the vision needs to be clear and in
alignment with the right plan, as we move toward it.

What is your heart's vision?
What steers your plans?
Are you running parallel with God's purpose?

He has given you the desires of your heart - vision planted in your heart that will align with HIS purposes. He places those desires in your heart to fulfill His plans and purposes. So many times we are in "the waiting" - those times when the view - the fruit - of the vision is beyond our horizon.

Remember the magnolia tree?

The magnolia tree was created to be a magnolia tree - and produce fruit that magnolia trees produce. Long before there was visible evidence, the plan - the blueprint - for the seeds were already a part of the tree's destiny.

His plans and purposes were there from the beginning - He knew you even before you were in your mother's womb! You were created in His image. Everything you need to fulfill your destiny has been programmed into you - already completed before the beginning!

"As soon as we arrived home again, I got out of the car and immediately circled the tree. To my amazement, in a very narrow, vertical line, positioned in the only section of the tree that I did not pass every day - were seven blooms, in various stages of growth…..from a new bud..... to the cone shaped fruit which remains after the blossom fades away. I was astonished at the unusual placement of what I had been searching - found in the only place that was beyond my horizon."
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